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Navelle Hice, a native of Chester, PA has emerged as one of the most prolific writers and hip hop artist of today. His energetic performances and his ability to blend metaphors and thought-provoking punchlines leaves his audience in awe with his play on words. 


Navelle’s gained attention for his catchy songs, lyrical freestyles and positive messages of hope. This has caused him to stand out in the ever-growing hip hop industry and makes his music relatable.


With experience of performing and writing for a span of over 15 years, Navelle’s had many notable achievements. In 2015 he relocated to Georgia and rebranded himself by dropping his stage names of “Young Chief” & “Chiefy” and is now known by his birth name. Some of his achievements include two appearances on BET’s 106 & Park under the stage name “Young Chief”, a number of mixtape and album releases, his song, “L.W.G.D.” from his “Faith, Hope & Love” album was featured on Radio One 102.5.  Navelle won the GCA “Best Hip Hop Artist” award in 2016 and shortly thereafter the “Hopeman” album series was birthed. In 2017 Navelle was an official performer for the SXSW Music Festival. Navelle’s spirited performance on Sirius XM radio’s “Sway In The Morning” show in 2019 gained millions of views and is one of his most talked about performances domestically and internationally. In 2020 Navelle continued releasing new music and launched, “Hice Cold Visuals” along with his t-shirt line, “Navelle Hice Collection”. Navelle worked with the BET Network & Nissan in 2021 to write and film a commercial with an original song. This venture afforded him the opportunity to work alongside Grammy winning producer, Just Blaze. This venture inspired his latest project, “Blaze Made Us Do It” produced by King Fresh. The video for the single, “Get It & Flip It” aired on BET Jamz. 


Currently, Navelle is producing his podcast style “Talk to Me Hice” bi-weekly video series with original songs (streaming on all digital platforms) and continues to travel spreading his message of “hope” through hip hop. 



“My music isn’t limited to one music genre. The message in my music reaches across genre lines. I choose to let my audience define how my music resonates with them” 

- Navelle Hice

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